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Latest News

Shibuya Terminal Jet Flag reaches 300 days duration! - 2022-11-22

    Congratulations to Heliowolf for this achievement!

The Bottom Point of Sewage Facility Jet Dash reaches 100 days duration! - 2022-11-19

    Congratulations to yomsa for this achievement!

99th Street Jet Graffiti reaches 100 days duration! - 2022-11-19

    Congratulations to Naestrinus for this achievement!

Tokyo Underground Sewage Facility Jet Flag reaches 100 days duration! - 2022-11-17

    Congratulations to yomsa for this achievement!

Players scramble to submit runs as Speedrun.com's inactivity nears levels not seen since 2014 - 2022-10-17

On October 17th, Speedrun.com super moderator 7thAce had sparked a discussion about how the any% category was "..currently going through its least active period in at least 5 years." Stating that the main reason for the category's idleness was not from runner yomsa's extreme dedication to optimizing the run, but rather that; "..cucumber is such an unfun trick to reset on that nobody really wants to push WR."

The conversation then moved on towards brainstorming ways to avoid this issue, with moderator twinkachu suggesting the idea of bringing the any% (no cucumber) category over from the Category Extension (CE) leaderboard to the main one. Though this option was quickly dismissed as 7thAce notes;".. [the runners] would gain interest for a short while but wouldn't generate any sustained interest." Adding that: "The only way it sticks is if it's treated as a legitimate, competitive category that is worthy of the difficulty to get WR."

One point that was brought up was just how much of a downward trend of inactivity were we headed towards? Speedrun.com does not offer any statistics in regards to game activity, but thankfully well respected community members and JSRF reverse engineers, Daft7 and ycarcomed had managed to scrub the RSS of the site to compile a list of every run ever submitted to Speedrun.com/jsrf.


What the above graph tells us is that the community's biggest run submission drought was a period of four weeks ending on October 16th 2014, and that we were on day 29, nearing a 30 day depression. The good ending: Speedrunner Sooldy submitted a run of Sewage Facility Jet Graffiti to end the drought.